India and Germany will work more closely together in Afghanistan: German envoy

India and Germany are very much on the same wavelength in Afghanistan and the two countries will work more closely together in this regard, said the German ambassador to India Walter J. Lindner on Sunday.

“India is a very big player there (Afghanistan) … involved in many development projects and Germany has been very active (there) in the last 20 years. So we both share pretty much the same principles, ”said Lindner at an event on the 31st anniversary of German reunification.

Here he unveiled a symbolic painting on a large wall in the legendary Sheila Theater in Paharganj, depicting the friendship between India and Germany.

Lindner said the two nations had supported the previous government in Afghanistan and tried to move it forward and improve the situation, especially for women in the country.

“We are all surprised by the rapid advance of the Taliban. Now we have to deal with this situation. We still have to get people out of Afghanistan by speaking to the Taliban. We still have to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan through the United Nations.

“We have some terms on which to speak to the Taliban – an inclusive government that doesn’t yet exist. But we still need to have some kind of dialogue in order to move forward on these points. India is on the same wavelength. So we’ll see a closer collaboration between us, ”he said.

The German envoy said that business, environmental protection, green energy, student exchanges, science and technology and artificial intelligence will be the key areas of the future Indo-German partnership.

Lindner said that today is an important day for Germany, because 31 years ago East and West Germany were reunited on this day.

“We usually had a big reception, but we couldn’t do this again due to Covid restrictions. Last year we came up with the Scorpion’s iconic song “Wind of Change,” which we re-recorded with Indian musicians, ”he said.

“This year we thought we would do something different, but also with an artistic touch. So we came into contact with Yogesh Saini and his team from Delhi Street Art. Our idea: Why not have something typical of Berlin, namely the Wall, a reminder of the Berlin Wall and the graffiti that can still be found on parts of it.

“We found an old wall next to an important cinema and had Yogesh and his team paint it … We weren’t looking in the diplomatic enclave, but in the center of the city for a wall that everyone could see,” he added.

When asked about the dispute between India and the UK over COVID-19 vaccine certification, Lindner replied, “I’m not sure what the specifications are … why the UK does not recognize the app from India. We recognized Covishield weeks ago. I have been vaccinated with Covishield myself. Those who have been given Covishield do not have to undergo quarantine (in Germany) or other restrictions. “

Since Covaxin has not yet been recognized by the World Health Organization, those who have ingested it must be quarantined. As soon as the WHO approves the vaccine manufactured by Bharat Biotech, Germany will take the next step and see if it can recognize it, the ambassador said.

Regarding the formation of the next government in Germany, Lindner said it was very likely a three-party coalition. The parties that may be involved are currently negotiating. A coalition agreement is to be signed before Christmas.