In order to meet his wife, a man in Thailand really wants to travel to India on an inflatable rubber boat – A Vietnamese man tries to paddle about 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles) from Thailand to India to see his wife.

But he was arrested on Thursday (3/24/2022) after being rescued off the coast of Thailand.

A senior Navy official confirmed this reckless act AFP.

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Ho Hoang Hung set off from the Thai resort island of Phuket in an inflatable dinghy, equipped with water and instant noodles but no navigation system.

He plans to cross the Bay of Bengal at the start of typhoon season.

A fishing boat found the 37-year-old man on Wednesday (March 23, 2022) near the Similan Islands, around 80 kilometers from the Thai mainland.

The fisherman then contacted the Navy’s maritime security unit, who came and rescued him.

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Ho told officials he was trying to contact his wife, who works in Mumbai, after being separated for two years due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Captain Pichet Songtan of Thailand’s Maritime Enforcement Command Center said the man was found without a map, compass, GPS or change of clothes and with only a small amount of water.

Actually he wanted to fly to Bangkok, but without a visa he couldn’t travel to India.

Then he took a bus to Phuket, where he got a canoe.

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After departing around March 5, 2022, Ho appeared to be held back by headwinds and made limited progress in the two weeks prior to its discovery.

Thai officials said Ho would be taken back to Phuket for further questioning.

“We have contacted both the Vietnamese and Indian embassies but have received no response,” Pichet said.

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