In India, the residents of this building barely escaped the collapse

MISCELLANEOUS FACTS – No one was injured in the collapse of a seven-story building in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, India, on Thursday September 30th. as you can see in the video above in the article. A live video on Facebook showed how the multi-story building tilts dangerously before it collapses on at least one other house.

The building had been evacuated the morning after cracks appeared, according to local media. Sudesh Mokhta, a state civil protection official, told local media that two other two-story buildings were damaged in the collapse.

And all is lost for the residents of these houses. “We just had time to save our lives by running. We lost everything because we didn’t have time to take our things with us, ”explained zu The India Grandstand Adityavir Thakur who works in a school. With the savings of his father and grandfather, he had bought the top floor of the unfortunate building five years ago.

Himachal Pradesh – a state in India’s mountainous western Himalayas – often experiences landslides during the monsoons, which can be fatal. More than 25 people were killed in Kinnaur district, Kinnaur state in August when stones fell on a freeway and hit a bus and truck.

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