In India, a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo that not everyone likes

Goa, with its dream beaches on the west coast of India, now has a new statue. Cristiano Ronaldo’s. The Portuguese soccer megastar is pictured in brass at a park in Calangute. Ronaldo is one of the greatest players in football history, but why such a decision? Michael Lobo, a guide in the area, explains that the statue was erected “Inspire young people” To play football and to bring this sport “on another level”.

Cricket is the king sport in India, but officials in the state of Goa want more young people to get involved in football. Michael Lobo summarizes: “Despite the huge population of India, the national football team is not even able to beat the smaller nations”. It hurts. Goa is ideal for awakening new vocations. In this former Portuguese colony, many residents have lived in Portugal or have family members there, which is already making football popular in this corner of India. Young people follow the English Premier League and in particular the matches of Manchester United, where Cristiano Ronaldo plays.

At the unveiling of the statue this week Some residents carried a black flag in protest. It is a “Insult”a “Sacrilege”On the far right, she thinks they are “local players” who should have been honored.

The date when this statue was erected is difficult to state: Goa will celebrate its 60th anniversary of independence in 2021. India, which was part of the British Empire, certainly gained independence in 1947, but at that time the state of Goa was part of Portugal. Only 14 years later, in 1961, is it connected to India.

It’s not the first time a Ronaldo statue has sparked reactions. In 2017, a bust of the Portuguese champion was erected at the airport on his home island of Madeira. A bronze statue that was obviously not to his liking because the following year Ronaldo’s entourage secretly had the work changed. It must be said that it was neither similar nor flattering.

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