Imported buffalo meat comes from India, Bulog: Free from PMK

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – The General Logistics Affairs Agency (Bulog) is ensuring imported buffalo meat from India does not carry the virus Mouth and nail disease (PMK).

Bulog Public Service Supply Chain Director Mokhamad Suyamto said that frozen buffalo meat that arrived in Indonesia was immediately subjected to a PCR test on Bulog frozen buffalo meat samples at the Center for Veterinary Pharmacy, Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health.

Suyamto said Bulog conducted a PCR test at the Veterinary Farma Center on June 2 to confirm the condition of frozen buffalo meat imported by Bulog from India, in response to the widespread news of foot-and-mouth disease affecting cattle in several areas . 2022.

Bulog routinely performs laboratory tests, including PMK tests, to ensure frozen meat from India meets the health requirements set by the government.

“Thank goodness yesterday’s PCR test results [Sabtu, 4/6/2022] has brought out negative results, so Bulog is even more confident to distribute this frozen buffalo meat commodity to meet the country’s meat needs,” Suyamto said in an official Bulog statement on Sunday (5/6/2022).

Suyamto added that the buffalo meat import mechanism administered by his party passed the review by the Ministry of Agriculture before the FMD outbreak. Upon arrival in Indonesia, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Tanjung Priok Quarantine Center inspected the buffalo meat and issued it with a certificate.

“Before shipping to Indonesia, it was confirmed that the buffalo meat imported by Bulog was only exported by Suppliers which has received Halal certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council. In addition, it has met animal health criteria and is suitable for human consumption [fit for human consumption] as stated in the health certificate [Health Certificate] from the Veterinary Institute in India,” continued Suyamto.

The government has tasked Bulog with importing 100,000 tons of frozen buffalo meat by 2022. By the middle of the year, Bulog had imported 46,000 tons of frozen buffalo meat.

This is an alternative for consumers to cover meat availability and keep meat prices stable at the consumer level.

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