If Indonesia leaves the AFF, this South Asian country is poised to replace them

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – discourse PSI withdraw the Indonesian national team AFF greeted with Indian desire to replace.

PSI admits he is currently undergoing a transfer from the South East Asian Football Association (AFF).

This wish came from the cup game AFF U19 2022, National Team Vietnam vs Thailand. PSI assessed that Vietnam and Thailand failed to play seriously to thwart the Indonesian national team’s moves to advance to the semifinals.

Although the results of the AFF investigation found no cheating in the match, PSSI still opened up the option to withdraw.

PSSI also admitted they are in liaison with EAFF, aka the East Asian Football Federation, to join after leaving the AFF.

So far, however, there has been no official decision by the PSSI regarding the planned exit from the AFF.

On the other hand, there is one country that is expressing an interest in joining the AFF, namely India. India is currently joining the South Asian Federation aka SAFF.

“Our goal [pindah ke AFF] is that our national team can participate in quality competitions,” said AIFF Secretary General Kushal Das.

“The AFF has responded very positively, but we are also stuck in the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kushal Das.

The general secretary of the Indian Football Association said his country’s presence in the South East Asian football scene is an attraction in itself.

India, Kushal Das said, has balanced power with Southeast Asian countries, so this will create interesting competition in the future.

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