“If Batman were twice as bad…”

Rege Jean Page and Dhanush

Rege Jean Page of Bridgerton and Jessica Henwick, who are part of the ensemble cast of The Gray Man, are in awe of Dhanush. In a recent interview, Page lavished praise on Dhanush, and Jessica gushed about his “quiet power” and how she “wants” that kind of attraction.
Page said, “The grace and the style and the toughness of this man is something that has to be seen and that’s going to be a lightning bolt in the movie. If Batman were twice as badass, he could be halfway into where Dhanush is in this film.” Jessica interjected, “Dhanush was amazing. He has quiet power and I want that.”
Dhanush has had nothing but enthusiastic feedback from the Gray Man cast. Ryan Gosling described him as “incredible” in a previous interview with The Quint and claimed he was inhumanly flawless. “He’s a great actor and has such an amazing presence on screen. He’s so accurate, he’s never made a mistake. We shot and reshot this fight sequence several times. It has gone through so many different incarnations. Dhanush never made a mistake and it seemed inhuman. He’s so funny and charming. The biggest difficulty was pretending to be enemies because I just liked him so much,” he said.

Dhanush was asked during a press conference how he got the project and if he knew the Russo Brothers before. Dhanush replied, “I don’t know how I ended up in this film.” He added, “The casting agency in India told me they have a Hollywood project for me. They said it was a big film. So I said okay. I asked what movie, what movie? They said it was a big film. So I said ok, and it can’t get any bigger.”

With Ryan Gosling playing a CIA agent on the run and Chris Evans Loyd Hansel keen to catch him, the Russo Brothers-directed The Gray Man looks like an exciting cat-and-mouse hunt out.

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