ICFBE: Economic actors are moving faster after the pandemic

The President University hosted a webinar for business people in ICFBE

REPUBLIC.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic is almost over in Indonesia and various countries. In line with this, business is beginning to move for the world to return to normal.

“Winter will soon be over and spring is coming soon. Everyone will return to business, return to work, so let’s hope the world can get back to normal soon,” said Jony Oktavian Haryanto, Secretary of the Presidential University Education Foundation (YPUP) during the webinar of the International Conference on Family Business and Entrepreneurship ( ICFBE), Monday (6.6.2022).

This activity has been conducted six times since 2017 by the Faculty of Business, President University (PresUniv). More than a hundred participants attended this event. In addition to Indonesia, they came from the United States, the Netherlands, Hungary, Belgium, China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Adhi S. Lukman, chairman-general of the Indonesian Association of Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs (Gapmmi), added that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a trend of changing consumer behavior.

“Many consumers pay more attention to product provenance, packaging, food safety, prefer home delivery and foods that increase immunity. They’re reducing street snacks,” he said.

Adhi mentions the development of a new trend, namely plant-based foods or foods derived from plant sources.

“The upper middle class tends to choose healthier foods and especially diets. This is an opportunity for food and beverage business people to innovate,” he said.

The other topics discussed at this international conference concerned the impact of the pandemic on women and entrepreneurship. Director of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Research Alliance and Management Expert at Deakin University, Australia Dr. Andrea North-Samardzic explained the results of his research.

According to him, the pandemic has hit women harder than men. “But that actually gives women a greater chance to develop and train resilience, as long as they can see it as a challenge and an opportunity,” he emphasized.

Gerard H. Dericks, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Education at Hawaii Pacific University, USA, shares some tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur. “Try to find things to enjoy while we’re at it. Then try harder,” he said.

For professionals looking to pursue an entrepreneurial career, Dericks suggests focusing on one business at a time. “Stop working as a professional if the entrepreneur’s income is three times the salary as an employee,” Dericks said.

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