Hyderabad is India's 5th largest city for women: study

Hyderabad ranks fifth in the Top Cities for Women in India 2023 index published by Avatar Group, an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The index, with a sample size of 1,200 people, rates cities based on their City Inclusion Score (CIS) in two categories: cities with more than one million inhabitants and cities with less than one million inhabitants. The CIS includes the Industrial Inclusion Score (IIS), the Social Inclusion Score (SIS) and the Citizen Experience Score (CES).

The IIS focuses on enablers from an organizational and industrial perspective, while the SIS considers factors such as security, transportation options, women's empowerment programs and city-specific parameters. The CES is derived from an open survey.

Hyderabad achieved a CIS of 39.58 out of 100, with an SIS of 42.2 and an IIS of 46.4. Notably, these scores exceed the national averages of 21.59 (CIS), 37.33 (SIS), and 13.69 (IIS). The city stands out as the only representative of Telangana and is represented in both the population category with more than a million inhabitants and in the population category with less than a million inhabitants.

The index also examined the overall sentiment of survey respondents and found that 50% of women viewed Hyderabad positively, 37.5% viewed the city as neutral and 12.5% ​​expressed negative emotions.

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