huawei: Huawei India chief’s behavior showed that he posed a flight risk: IT department

The Income Tax Authority has told the Delhi High Court that a Circular (LOC) has been issued against the Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Telecommunications (India) “because his conduct during the search showed that he posed a flight risk”. The behavior of the CEO also shows “that he did not want to be involved in the pending investigation,” the department said. In February of this year, income tax investigators conducted a raid on several premises related to Huawei in India.

In an affidavit filed in response to a petition filed by Li Xiongwei, the CEO of Huawei India, requesting that the LOC issued against him be overturned, the IT department claimed the CEO deliberately attempted to ” deny access to the Company’s accounts, emails or key personnel”.

The affidavit, seen by ET, said the CEO had “consistently denied and delayed the present proceeding (search), even to the point of not allowing access to the emails of the company’s chief financial officer, who was outside remains of India”.

“The rights of the individual must be balanced with safeguarding the interests of law enforcement and investigative authorities,” it says. The department said the LOC was issued after reviewing the CEO’s actions, which “lead to a substantial belief that he wished to evade the investigation” being conducted against Huawei Telecommunications (India). The ministry has argued that “the right to travel is not an absolute right and reasonable limitations may be imposed”.

She has asked the court to dismiss the CEO’s lawsuit and ask him to appeal to a lower court and explain the circumstances that compel him to travel abroad. It has claimed that the LOC issued against the CEO was “accurate and in accordance with the law”. Huawei has denied allegations of non-cooperation. In a statement released to ET last Wednesday, Huawei’s Indian entity said it is fully cooperating with the authorities and has provided necessary information and clarifications that are requested by the authorities from time to time.

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