Horror! China’s No. 1 & India’s No. 6, RI How Much?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Global economic output is set to exceed $ 100 trillion next year for the first time in history.

China should meanwhile take a little longer than previously assumed to overtake the USA (USA) as the country with the world’s number one economic power.

Cebr, a British advisor, estimates that China will become the world’s largest economy in 2030, two years later than forecast in last year’s World Economic League Table report.

India is set to overtake France next year. Britain will again occupy the position of the world’s sixth largest economy in 2023, according to the Cebr report.

“The key issue for the 2020s is how the global economy is coping with inflation, which has now reached 6.8% in the US,” said Cebr Vice Chairman Douglas McWilliams.

“We hope there will be more modest adjustments. If not, the world will have to prepare for a recession in 2023-2024,” he continued.

The report also suggests that Germany is well on its way to overtaking Japan by 2033. Russia is expected to be among the 10 largest economies in the world by 2035.

So what about Indonesia? The report says Indonesia will become the country with the ninth largest economy in 2034.

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