Hoax about a strange Indian baby eating its mother's entrails. Why do so many believe this? Browse all of them

KOMPAS.com – Information regarding strange baby in India went viral on Indonesian social media.

The news circulating said that the baby, who was carried for 11 months, ate his mother's intestines. The baby even had to be euthanized 17 times to die.

Below is the complete information:

This 11-month-old baby is in his mother's womb. This baby ate the mother's intestines, then the doctor operated on the mother to get this baby out… When the baby came out, it bit the nurse's hand… After 3 hours, the nurse died, and the MOTHER too of this baby died after baby came out… This baby was born weighing 8 kg, after 3 hours the weight increased to 13 kg… This baby was born on Friday, I don't know what God's warning to all of us wanted to give… This baby was then killed, the doctor gave him a lethal injection until he was 17 when this baby died for the first time… This story really happened in India… Wallahu A'lam

Along with this information, a video was also included showing a baby with cracked yellowish skin, red eyes and a wide mouth.

Due to the narrative circulating, some of us might immediately think that the information being conveyed is too exaggerated and believe that this is the case Hoax. However, there are quite a few who believe that the information is true.

So why can people immediately believe what information is given without further research?

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Personal Growth clinical psychologist Kantiana Taslim explained that many people immediately accept information at face value because they trust the person providing the information.

“Aside from trusting people who share information, it could also be because they are influenced by the beliefs or opinions of the majority of people,” Kantiana told Kompas.com on Friday (11/29/2019).

Kantiana recalled that the veracity of information is not determined by the number of people who believe and agree with the information.

How to avoid being eaten Hoaxes?

Hoax is news or information whose veracity is doubtful, is not known with certainty, there is no clear and valid evidence, or even information that is not true at all.

Misinformation like this, containing various ingredients, is becoming more common in the digital age.

“Therefore, each individual is expected to train the correct reaction in responding or acting on the news they receive,” Kantiana told Kompas.com on Friday (11/29/2019).

In addition, it is important to check the truth of the news before sharing it with others.

Examples of questions include: Can this message be justified, is there supporting and reliable evidence, is the evidence clear and valid, is this message suitable for dissemination, whether this message will be continued or will it harm various parties and show no compassion to those affected ? parties.

“Only we can be responsible for our actions, including our behavior in cyberspace, to minimize the spread of false news,” he said.

If the news is indeed a hoax, you can file an official report or complaint with the authorities to investigate the matter.

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If these precautions are taken critically, we will not immediately accept the information presented at face value.

Source: Kompas.com (Shierine Wangsa Wibawa)

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