Hetal Dave’s inspirational story “Sumo Didi” is a festival favorite

Mumbai (Maharashtra)

'Sumo Didi' is the latest sports biopic from India that continues to make waves on the international stage, mirroring the success of its predecessor 'Dangal', which was promoted by Aamir Khan.

After premiering at the Tokyo International Film Festival, this biographical drama dedicated to the remarkable journey of Hetal Dave, India's lone female sumo wrestler, opens this week in Palm Springs, California.

Directed by Jayant Rohatgi and written by Nikhil Sachan, the film has garnered wide attention due to its unusual theme and narrative.

What sets “Sumo Didi” apart is its captivating narrative, which sheds light not only on an unconventional sport, but also on a woman who uses what society sees as a “flaw” to her advantage.

Hetal Dave's extraordinary story resonates around the world for its story of perseverance and proves that a woman's body weight is not a barrier to achieving her dreams.

Dave's journey from obscurity to international recognition serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes. After making a lasting impression on cinephiles and winning awards in Tokyo, the film is ready to continue its triumphant journey to Palm Springs, California.

Speaking about it, producer Akash Chawla of Freshlime Films said, “We have come together to bring Hetal's story to the world because unlike other sports films, this is a story of human courage where an overweight girl from a middle-class Indian family competes against him. “ “The objectification of women and their impact are instead left on the global stage in the male-dominated world of sumo wrestling.”

He added, “It wouldn't have been possible without the support of Jyoti Deshpande, who backed this film, and the team at Jio Studios.”

Presented by Jio Studios and produced by Freshlime Films and MA&TH Entertainment, the film has not only garnered critical acclaim but also sparked global interest in sumo wrestling and the unstoppable determination of Hetal Dave.