Health, Environment, Education: Regional Cooperation Fund: seven projects to promote Reunion

A call for projects was launched on February 28, 2022, mainly dealing with the topics of environment, health, education, economy and culture. In order to “promote the French know-how of La Runion” and in line with the cooperation actions carried out in the Indian Ocean zone, the State, the Region and the Department have mobilized the credits allocated under the FCR (Regional Cooperation Fund) 2022 , to support specific projects and actions. Below we publish the press release of the Prefecture of La Runion. (Photo: rb/

The projects and actions for which credit has been granted under the FCR are as follows:

• Study on agroecological regulation of grass pests

Project owner: CIRAD

Committed country: Madagascar

Financial measures: Study on innovative pest control methods that will make it possible to step up the fight against the most worrying pests in the region, such as the yellow aphid that causes sugar cane leaves to dry up, while respecting the environment.

• Vulnerability of Indian Ocean coasts to coastal erosion/marine flooding

Project owner: Research and Development Institute (IRD)

committed country : Union of Comoros

fund actions : Improving knowledge of coastal erosion in the Indian Ocean Zone and raising awareness during the 2023 edition of the Science Festival.

reinforcement Regional educational cooperation in tourism, hotels and gastronomy

Project owner: Hotel Management School of the Renaissance

Committed country: Seychelles

Financial measures: Exchanges between young people and trainers, development of strategic partnerships adapted to the needs of employability in the region.

• “Scientific Transitions in the Indian Ocean” (TSOI)

Project owner: Association Les petits dbrouillards

Committed country: Madagascar

Financial measures: Environmental education on the subject of plastic waste, training of local moderators in the use of the educational kit designed by the association for all aspects of energy transition, solar energy and UV issues for our health.

• Creation of a chorographic platform in the Indian Ocean (IOCAN)

Project owner: Association LALANBIK

Committed countries: Member countries of the Indian Ocean Commission (Madagascar, Union of the Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius), Mozambique, India, South Africa

Financial measures: Promotion of the professions of creation, distribution and training in choreographic matters for a greater appreciation of the French heritage of La Runion.

• “Rugby of Solidarity” project.

Project owner: Territorial Rugby Committee

Committed country: Madagascar

Financial measures: Promote women’s rugby, bring forth a new generation of sports educators from Reunion and Madagascar who use sport as an educational medium and lever for international solidarity on the horizon of the Rugby World Cup in France in 2023.

• Cooperation measures in the field of internal security

Partner: Customs, National Gendarmerie, National Police

Committed countries: Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles

Financial measures: Training and organization of operational exercises on key security issues: fight against terrorism, fight against organized crime, fight against illegal immigration.

“Regional cooperation is about solidarity, sharing skills, exchanging knowledge across the Indian Ocean. This partnership dynamic raises many questions: how can we work together, how can we engage stakeholders in the long term, how can we promote and promote the integration of La Runion into its geographic environment? To meet these challenges, the Regional Cooperation Fund finances innovative projects with our economic and institutional partners,” explained Jacques Billant, the Prefect of La Runion, on the Regional Cooperation Fund.

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