Hava Nagila, Havana Syndrome, and the excitement of Islamophobic competition

The roots of Islamophobia in Indonesia

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, From: Ridwan Saidi, senior politician, historian and cultural Betawi.

Hava Nagila means “come, let’s be happy”. This Jewish Musician song was first produced by Abraham Zevi in ​​1922. Whatever the problem, Qua Song is fun.

Hava Nagila is not crazy Havana. In addition, the Havana Syndrome has been secretly causing a stir within the CIA since 2017.

A CIA officer recently returned from Havana, Cuba. Then last week he accompanied CIA Director William Burns to India. In India he felt mysterious symptoms. It wasn’t detailed, but it was said that Havana Syndrome is just hunting the CIA. This is a question of intelligence that is not easy to understand. Simple surgery for the power syndrome that many Indonesians suffer from. Indications:

1. When you are in power, it is easy to abuse power.

2. If you study history, you will instantly create a kingdom in your head.

3. Some of them don’t like Islam.

All three symptoms are caused by an passed out emotion virus that has settled for hundreds of years and is genealogically inherited. What is the main reason for this?

The answer is this:

1. Islam controlled the entire economic zone of Indonesia from the IX. Century AD to the second decade of the 19th century AD.

2. The Islamic Sultanate in Indonesia has been in turmoil since the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

This is what makes them excited about the competition and each gap always reveals different forms of aversion to Islam.

Then what is the cure? No, because it is a hereditary disease.