Harsh Goenka’s American friend asked: “How is India?” His answer was a simple video

Harsh Goenka’s tweets are usually funny, knowledgeable, or sometimes personable anecdotes that the businessman wants to share with all of his followers. Recently Goenka shared a tweet saying that an American friend asked him about India. Goenka tweeted that her friend asked her, “How is India? “To which he sent him a short video without answering in words. What did Goenka send to her friend? A video of a peacock unfurling its beautiful feather mane.

Now we definitely agree with Mr. Goenka. True to the variety of colors of peacock feathers, India is known for its unique identity, which also includes its rich diversity. The video Goenka sent her friend was originally shared from an @fubiz Twitter account.

Social media users also accepted Goenka’s response to her friend. Check out some of the reviews:

One person thought it was hilarious:

Another person shared a short video and asked Goenka to share it with his friend as well.

India is known for its diversity, be it in terms of its people, its regions, its landscapes, its culture, its art, its food and many other aspects, but what sets us apart is also the brand that we see in the face of the great diversity, always have the same beating heart, a unity among us. For every less pleasant incident we encounter, there is a far more unifying and grandiose incident that will restore our faith in our country.

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