Hansal Mehta biopic series begins production – Deadline

The upcoming Gandhi Production on the streaming series has begun in Gujarat, India.

The series will be directed by director Hansal Mehta, who was pictured on set in an Instagram account for series producer Applause Entertainment.

In the same vein, the series will tell the story of Mahatma Gandhi's life and times The crown told the story of the British royals. Pratik Gandhi plays his namesake.

The Insta post said it was an “international production shot at various locations in India and abroad”. In an interview with Applause CEO Sameer Nair when we first told you about the show in May 2022, the location search took place in India, South Africa and the United Kingdom – countries where Gandhi lived and which are covered in non-fiction books, on which the show is based.

No further production details were announced this morning, but Applause previously told us that the series will go from Gandhi's earliest days to his work as a lawyer in South Africa to the struggle for independence in India, telling the lesser-known stories of his life that played an important role in this he molded him into a Mahatma (a person revered in Southeast Asia).

It will also tell the stories of all his compatriots and contemporaries of the freedom movement who played an integral role in shaping what became a free and modern India. However, no further casting details have been announced.

Applause Entertainment, which produces in collaboration with its division Applause Productions, began developing the show after acquiring the rights to Indian historian and journalist Ramachandra Guha Gandhi before India And Gandhi – The years that changed the world – two biographies that are among the most complete ever written about the iconic political figure.

No buyer has been confirmed at the moment, which is not unusual for an Applause project. The Indian studio's business model involves developing and producing high-quality scripted series and films before selling the finished product to Indian streamers. It's not yet known where this film will land, but we recently selected it as one of our 15 international TV dramas to watch in 2024.