Graduates from the school in Bengaluru, India, were involved in the Gyanvapi Mosque provocation

Educational institutions should be places of free thinking.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW DELHI – Controversy over mosques Gyanvapi It’s still getting hotter in Uttar Pradesh, India. This controversy is exacerbated by the interference of educational institutions suspected of being involved in spreading provocations against alumni to change their names Gyanvapi Masjid Mosque became the Gyanvapi Temple.

As the Indian Express reported on Thursday (May 26, 2022), alumni of the Bengaluru school were surprised by an unusual email. The email was not about school events and activities, but a request to rename the Gyanvapi Mosque to a Gyanvapi Temple Google Maps you.

The New Horizon Public School in Bengaluru has issued a clarification, saying the email was sent “without proper verification procedures”. But apparently the alumni are already disappointed.

“We have heard reports of emails being sent out about disregard for certain religious sentiments and the matter is being addressed with the highest priority. We want to clarify that these emails were sent without the proper verification procedures required for all of our email communications. We are proud of the cultural and religious diversity in India, we practice this every day in word and spirit in everything we do in our schools,” the school said.

The email reads: “A request to all. Please update on google map as Gyanvapi Temple instead of Gyanvapi Mosque. They are encouraged and ask our Hindu brothers and sisters to do so until Google updates these changes. Please open Google Maps. Look for Gyanvapi Temple but you will see it as Gyanvapi Mosque. Touch/Click – Suggest an edit. Touch – change name or other details write as “Gyanvapi Temple” and say as “Hindu Temple”.

Preethi Krishnamoorthy, a graduate student from Hawaii, received the controversial email on May 20. He even took to social media to expose the school’s “shocking” actions. He admitted he was surprised by the email sent to alumni about the extreme request.

“A school should teach its students to think critically so that they can grow into intelligent individuals who are able to distinguish between right and wrong based on the information presented to them,” Krishnamoorthy said.

Every educational institution, he continued, should be a place of free thinking, as opposed to the emails sent out by the New Horizon public schools to brainwash the younger generation into obeying and not thinking.

The email is part of the alumni email that the enrolled students receive. According to Krishnamoorthy, the school had also sent out emails during the release of The Kashmir Files.

The email contained text encouraging alumni to watch the film and compared some incidents and film characters to Mahabharata. Only 3-4 bulletins are sent to students in a year. Most bulletins relate to meetings and events taking place at school.

One alumni, who asked not to be named, said he was personally concerned by the emails about the Gyanvapi Mosque controversy. There are several emails being sent from the school in a row.

“The first email in ‘The Kashmir Files’ was very strange and I thought it was strange for a school to promote a film. The second email about the mosque was very disturbing. I had stopped reading the news after the controversy surrounding the call to prayer and now this incident is troubling me even more.” I unsubscribed “Many memories of my school have now been shattered following this incident.

According to officials from Kothanur Police Station, the school’s management claimed that a fake WhatsApp group had been created and the alleged letter had been circulated in another group. Although management has reportedly contacted the police, no cases have been recorded so far.

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