Google Pay becomes Google Wallet

Replaced by Google Pay in 2018, Google Wallet is making a comeback on Android smartphones to safely store bank cards, ID documents and all kinds of digital securities.

As Google had announced during its last I/O conference Last May, Google Wallet made its big comeback on Android phones to replace Google Pay. A return because Google Wallet was abandoned in 2018 to merge the application with Samsung Pay, giving birth to Google Pay. This application, used in particular for mobile payments, is therefore back today with a revised design but also with new, very practical functions that should encourage its acceptance.

Google Wallet: a real vault

Google Wallet is not just an electronic wallet. In addition to payments via smartphone or tablet, the application allows storing bank cards, loyalty cards, identity documents – only for certain countries – and various tickets such as transit and event tickets, maps, boarding passes, gift cards and even vaccination records. In the future, driver’s licenses, hotel keys and office ID cards can be stored in it. A real safe! The design of the application has been completely revised. According to initial feedback, Google Wallet displays dynamic colors that change based on user preferences, as well as tap-to-pay technology. You can add a new document directly via a button on the start screen.

Google spokesman Chaiti Sen announced that the rolling out of this brand new Google wallet to Android smartphones in 40 countries this Wednesday has started, as reported 9to5Google. In some countries like the United States, India and Singapore, Google Pay and Google Wallet will coexist. In France, on the other hand, Google Wallet will simply replace Google Pay. Those who had Google Pay just need to upgrade. Granted, you’ll need to be running Android 5.2 or later to take advantage of it. However, this applies to all phones sold for five years, which excludes few users.

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