Get more funding, here are 5 scholarships that provide dual funding

Jakarta: Getting a scholarship is a dream for many students. Of course this kind of scholarship fully funded or fully paid scholarships are always a goal.

However, full scholarships are not always available. Therefore, many grants allow double funding or double funding.

Double Funding is a condition under which grantees receive additional funding from other grant-awarding institutions, research institutions, governments of other countries, central and local governments, corporations, foundations without grants, or universities.

In short, someone who has already received a scholarship can apply for another scholarship. Quoted from Instagram @KobiEducationHere are five scholarships that make it happen double funding:

1. Tokyo University of Agriculture/ Tokyo NODAI Special Program (Japan/S2 and S3)

The Tokyo University of Agriculture Special Program (Tokyo NODAI) is a scholarship that seeks the best students to attend a special master’s degree for two years. The aim of this program is to develop students’ critical thinking in agriculture or living organisms.

If accepted into this program, scholarship applicants may continue to apply for other scholarships. In addition, the facilities provided are also quite reasonable, such as free tuition, dormitories and an allowance of around Rs 5 million per month. For more info buddy Medcom can visit

2. Science@Leuven grants (Belgium/S2)

The Science@Leuven scholarships are scholarships for talented and motivated international students to participate in international programs for the Faculty of Science at KULeuven University.

This scholarship also has no conditions to not be allowed to accept a double sponsorship scholarship. The Science@Leuven scholarship includes tuition fees, insurance and an allowance of around IDR 170 million per month. For more information, see the link

3. Orange Tulip Scholarship (Netherlands/S1, S2 and S3)

The Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) is a scholarship awarded to talented students in multiple countries to study at reputable institutions. The countries mentioned here are China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Korea, Russia and Vietnam.

The OTS scholarship does not require an interview. In addition, tuition fees ranging from 25 to 100 percent are paid with this scholarship. For more information see

4. KAIST (South Korea/S1, S2 and S3)

KAIST, or Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, awards scholarships to national undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students studying in South Korean institutions. The expenses covered by this scholarship include 100 percent tuition, a monthly stipend, and health insurance. Dude Medcom Those interested can visit

5. Saint Louis Undergraduate Scholarship (USA/S1)

Saint Louis University offers undergraduate scholarships that recognize students in areas such as academic achievement, public service, and leadership. Depending on the course, there are usually scholarships from the program or the faculty.

The costs covered in this program include tuition ranging from 50 to 100 percent and the provision of housing. For more information, see

That’s five grants that make it possible double funding. Even if many don’t fully funded, remember that all five are study abroad scholarships that require an IELTS certificate. (Gabriella Carissa Maharani Prahyta)



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