G20 foreign ministers' meeting unravels the tangled threads of the global economy

New Delhi: Reducing global economic risks took center stage at the two-day G20 foreign ministers meeting in New Delhi, India. It is known that the global economy is currently at risk of recession.

“This is related to the risk of food, energy and fertilizer crises as a result of the (Russian-Ukrainian) conflict. This is the (global) economic challenge we face,” said Indian Foreign Minister Vinay Kwatra, quoted as saying China DailyFriday March 2, 2023.

Meanwhile, Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said that the main concern of the G20 foreign ministers' meeting is to find the right solution to address global economic risks.

“Today the world has learned that security is not just physical, not economic, but comprehensive, including health security and food security,” he said.

“Therefore, in addition to eliminating business risks, we also need to find ways to eliminate global economic risks, for example in sectors that have a high risk of crisis,” Jaishankar continued.

He added again: “It’s a big debate. I myself am very concerned about the efforts and steps that the G20 will take,” he said.

India itself is seeking support so that all members work together for the success of its G20 chairmanship. Because basically the G20 summit is the international meeting with the highest prices.

Resolve the bilateral dispute between India and China

What is certain, however, is that Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang will be there. His presence apparently attracted the most attention and it was hoped that he could resolve the Sino-Indian border dispute.

Qin's visit provides an opportunity to ease the bilateral problems of both countries. Qin, who has just served as foreign minister, is expected to be able to casually discuss relations between the two countries.

It is known that the G20 is a multilateral cooperation forum consisting of 19 major countries and the European Union (EU). The G20 represents almost two-thirds of the world's population, 75 percent of global trade and 85 percent of global gross domestic product (GDP).

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