Formerly used as medicine, peach gum was made into a delicious dessert that made the skin glow


Peach gum is not only fried in the pan, it is also often made into desserts. Peach gum dessert is one of those snacks that is booming and especially popular during the pandemic.

Because peach gum dessert is not only delicious, it is also considered healthy. How not, the ingredients are widely used in Chinese herbal medicine.

As for the taste, don’t worry, peach gum dessert is not medicine. The taste even tends to be sweet and gives a cool feeling in the stomach. Your skin will not only be refreshed and healthy, but also radiant. Where?

Yes, peach gum or the juice of the peach tree contains a lot of natural collagen, which is beneficial for skin regeneration. In addition, this juice also contains amino acids that support the protein tissue in the body so that the skin feels more moist and supple.

Usually a peach gum dessert is made from various natural ingredients such as peach gum, dried longan or longan, lotus seeds, and angco fruit. However, there are also those who are creative by adding a snow bird nest. Like chorine. The owner of the culinary shop “Tjemil Ketjil” serves a combination menu of peach gum dessert and snowbird’s nest.

It should be noted that the snow bird’s nest is the sap secretion of trees that grow in the mountains from Tibet to India. This material is quite high in collagen so it does well for skin beauty.

In addition, there are also original variants and peach gum variants with snow lotus, which are no less healthy. There are 2 sizes for 1 cup, namely M and L with prices from IDR 17,000.

In addition, at Tjemil Ketjil you can also find various other desserts such as pudding with fresh fruit. Delicious! You can find more information on the Instagram page @tjemilketjil.

In addition, Chorine stated that Tjemil Ketjil was founded in 2018. At first he was in business because he was bored at home and wanted to earn an extra income.

“I am an IRT who wants to do other jobs besides the household and family. And I also want to earn an income so that I can buy what I want with the results of my own business. I founded this business myself in 2018, “He told the detikcom team.

He said Tjemil Ketjil’s business could generate sales of up to 10 million rupees in a month. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused sales of their products to decline. Therefore, Chorine is looking for other strategies, for example by marketing through different marketplaces.

In addition, he decided to participate in the “Develop your Culinary Business” program, which was carried out by detikcom with Kraft Heinz Food Service. The goal is nothing more than to learn successful strategies for building a culinary business.

“I can add new knowledge and enthusiasm when I hear stories from sources. Hopefully I can apply the knowledge I have learned to the business I live in, ”he concluded.

For information: “Develop your Culinary Business” is an event by Kraft Heinz Food Service and detikcom. This is intended to support the country’s culinary business so that it can move up into the class.

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