For this reason, 212 alumni crowds gathered at the Indian Embassy in Jakarta

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – Fair of PA. alumni 212 Demonstration in front of the embassy India at Jalan Rasuna Said, South Jakarta, Friday (17.6.2022).

This demonstration is related to the statement by Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) spokesman Nupur Sharma which was considered to be insulting to Prophet Muhammad SAW.

monitoring Business, The bulk of the action had already gathered on site. It was also observed that there was a command car for speakers to deliver speeches.

In his speech, the son-in-law of former Islamic Defense Front (FPI) Rizieq Shihab Grand Imam Muhammad Hanif Alatas said that Muslims were offended by Nupur Sharma’s statement.

According to him, Nupur Sharma’s statement insulting the Prophet Muhammad regarding his relationship with Siti Aisyah offended Muslims.

“I want to ask Muslims who are offended or not?” Hanif asked the crowd outside the Indian Embassy on Friday (6/17/2022)

“Offended,” replied the crowd of action.

According to him, Rasulullah is the Imam of Muslims and Siti Aisyah is the mother of Muslims. So, he said, insults to Prophet Muhammad and Siti Aisyah could hurt the hearts of Muslims.

“When the Messenger of Allah and Sayyidina Aisyah were insulted, they were abused, from Allah for us it was more painful than being insulted to our father and mother,” Hanif said.

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