Five Indian citizens forged documents in Karawang facing deportation


Five Indian citizens (WN) who falsified documents were found guilty by the Karawang District Court (PN). You are threatened with deportation.

Immigration chief Karawang Winarko announced that four of the five Indian citizens were fined and another was sentenced to seven months in prison. “These five Indian citizens are standing before the Karawang District Court. The judge sentenced her to guilty verdicts. Four people were fined IDR 1 million and one subsidiary was fined one month in prison) as the main character was sentenced to seven months in prison and is now appealing, “said Winarko on Wednesday (8/9/2021) of the Immigration Office Class I Non TPI Karawang.

The Karawang Immigration Service is currently submitting documents for deportation and an entry ban to Indonesia. “We will deport four people as soon as possible, now in the process. We are also applying for an entry ban to Indonesia. While CSP is appealing as the main perpetrator, the public prosecutor is still waiting for the appeal decision, “said Winarko.

For your information, this document forgery case was cleared by Heru Tjondro, the head of the Immigration Department of the West Java Department of Justice and Human Rights. This case was exposed when the Aliens Inspection Team (TIM PORA) visited one of the citizens who overlay in Karawang for 20 years. From the results, it was found that six Indians lived together.

“During the inspection, one in five foreigners has a passport, but the period of validity has expired. While the other four have no immigration papers,” Heru said on Friday (May 21) in the office of Immigration Class 1 Non TPI Karawang.

The results of the investigation, the intelligence and immigration authorities, exposed the practice of forging documents. It turns out that the main brain is CSP (57) who has lived with his wife, a resident of Karawang, for 20 years.

“So out of the case overlay CSP eventually revealed the practice of forging documents with the results of examining evidence in the form of forged immigration papers, tools in the form of postage stamps, stickers and processing tools, or the manufacture of a laptop, ”Heru said.

In the meantime one of them has been deported, namely the initials DS (71), who has an official entry permit, but whose period of validity has expired. Meanwhile, five other Indian citizens, including CSP, were arrested.

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