Fire kills 11 hospital patients in India

A fire killed at least 11 coronavirus patients in a West Indian hospital on Saturday, an official source has learned.

When the fire broke out, about 20 patients were in the intensive care unit at this hospital in Ahmadnagar district, Maharashtra state. Most of the victims were over 60 years old.

The completely burned down room was recently built for Covid patients.

The head of state Udhav Thackeray ordered an investigation of the fire and the security conditions in this hospital, which is 250 km from the regional capital of Bombay.

The situation of India’s underfunded public health system reached a critical point with the strong Covid-19 wave from April to May, and several hospitals had to deal with fires.

At least 16 Covid-19 patients and two carers were killed in a hospital in Gujarat state in May. A police investigation revealed a short circuit in the intensive care unit.

In April, 13 Covid-19 patients died in a fire in a hospital in the suburbs of Bombay.

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