Exporting 25 tons of broomsticks to India, finds family have doubts – cheated

Polevali Mandar – A student named Sadariah (22) in Polewali Mandar (Polman) Regency, West Sulawesi (Sulbar) caught the attention of many people after successfully exporting 25 tons of broomsticks to India. Who would have thought that Sadariah’s broom shop had doubts about his own family until they were tricked by the supplier.

“Initially the family was skeptical, only recently has they been supportive. The father, who was not supportive, had doubts about what I was doing and asked me to focus on becoming a teacher,” Sadariah said on Saturday (April 23). .2020) to reporters /2022).

Sadariah is the eldest of Warda and Sallah’s three children. Since childhood, Sadariah has been living with relatives in Sambali Wali Village, Luyo District, because both of Sadariah’s parents emigrated to Malaysia.

Since childhood, Sadariah was determined to be an entrepreneur. He always hopes to bring employment opportunities to the residents of his hometown.

“I really intend to open up employment opportunities, especially since my hometown has arid conditions and there are no jobs. That always motivates me to open up employment opportunities to strengthen the community,” he said.

Currently, Sadariah is actually listed as a student at a business school in Surabaya, East Java. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sadariah is spending a lot of time at home and attending lectures online.

Sadariah never expected that the COVID-19 pandemic, which had nearly paralyzed residents’ activities since 2020, had actually paved the way for him to become a businessman. The pandemic was even the start for him to become an exporter of coconut waste, namely broomsticks.

Have you ever been scammed by a broom supplier?

After finding a buyer, Sadariah’s struggle to collect brooms for export did not go smoothly. The business he had started almost failed time and again because the delivery of broomsticks from the supplier did not meet expectations.

“I was scammed by local residents once. Suppliers are like that. That’s because there are suppliers who claim to be ready to meet their needs, but after a broom is needed because the container has to go immediately, the person is (Supplier) not available. In the end, the buyer is angry,” he explained with a laugh. .

Still, bad experiences with some suppliers didn’t make Sadariah give up, let alone give up. In various ways he convinces the buyer whether he can meet the demand for broomsticks as agreed.

“The point is we’re still trying to convince buyers of the uncollected broomsticks. Therefore, I often spend the night on the street because I have to go to several areas to look for broomsticks. It’s easy, if we want to resign, just return the money, but that means we’re not responsible to respond,” Sadariah said.

In order to support the export of broomsticks, which he is involved in, Sadariah enlists the help of some of his colleagues. They then established a business entity under the name of CV Coco Mandar Indonesia based in Sambali Wali village.

First, the brooms collected by Sadariah were placed with some relatives. After successfully completing his first export in late 2021, Sadariah has converted his home into a broomstick storage shed.

One of Sadariah’s colleagues, Azizah Timumun, said that the lack of public education is also one of the obstacles to meeting the demand for broomsticks for export.

“The problem is because there are still a lot of people who aren’t enlightened, they still don’t believe it even though we made a payment,” Azizah added separately.

Also according to Azizah, it is not uncommon for Sadariah to suffer losses because the goods (broomstick) are not as expected, even though the supplier has received a deposit (deposit).

“There was a loss because there was a DP, the goods were not up to standard. The goods were not replaced either, the DP was gradually returned,” he said.

Sadariah’s success in exporting broomsticks not only caught the attention of residents but also of the local government. The local government officially allowed Sadariah to export 25 tons of broomstick to India.

The export of this broomstick agricultural product took place yesterday, Friday (April 23) in the courtyard of the Polewali Mandar Joint Service Building (Girl).

Marked by the cutting of the ribbon and the breaking of the pitcher, a number of parties were held including West Sulawesi Governor Ali Baal Masdar, Regent of Polewali, Mandar, Andi Ibrahim Masdar, Head of Animal Quarantine and Biological Center Security, Wisnu Maisa, and Sadariah as Director of CV Coco Mandar Indonesia.

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