EXPO 2020: Konkani-based entrepreneurs chat in the India Pavilion in Dubai

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Dubai: The Global Konkani Business Meet took place in the India Pavilion of Expo 2020. It was organized by the Konkani International Business Council (KIBC) under the auspices of GMBF. Dubai’s willingness and openness during the final week of the pandemic made participants brave through the travel uncertainties and arrived from the US, India, Saudi and Oman.

Everyone was welcomed and GMBF was thanked by Dilawar Dalwai, a Dubai businessman and networking enthusiast. Parvez Hamdulay businessman who deals with batons gave the inaugural address where he talked about how KIBC was born, its vision, mission and goals. Ikhlaque Modak spoke about KIBC’s international roadmap. The event was initiated and moderated by Khalid Mukadam Reem Dalwai and Faisal Mazid.

Afzal Modak, founder of GSF Investments, spoke about business building and job creation. Sabina Khot Shaikh, one of the panelists, shared her views on the economic empowerment of Konkani women.

The main areas of discussion were:

1) New Business Assessment and Feasibility by CA Waqar Panvelkar;

2) International Trade by CA Ismail Pawane; and

3) Doing business in a Shari’ah Compliant manner from Jasim Mahadik Banking Professional.

Dilawar Dalwai moderated the panel discussion.

    Global Konkani Business Meeting at India Pavillion, Expo 2020

Photo credit: Delivered

KIBC’s founding team includes Dilawar Dalwai, Ikhlaque Modak, Sabina Khot Shaikh, Ismail Pawane, Fazal Rakhange, Faisal Mazid, Khalid Mukadam and Parvez Walile.

Prominent Kokanis attending the business meeting included Najeeb Mulla, chairman of Konkan Mercantile Cooperative Bank Ltd., who ensured the bank’s support for Konkani business people. Basheer Hajwane of the JMBR Group offers KIBC support in their plans in his encouraging speech. Shakil Sahibole from EKC, Shaz Peshimam from Emirates Airlines, VOK and many more.