Exceeding target, Trade Expo Indonesia transaction value reaches US $ 6.06 M


Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi closed the 36th Digital Edition Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) yesterday. By the last day of implementation, the event, which has been taking place since October 21, 2021, had a total transaction value of 6.06 billion US dollars.

“This success is very encouraging as it has exceeded the previously set transaction target of $ 1.5 billion,” Lutfi said in a written statement on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021.

As a result of this performance, the total transaction value from overseas buyers was booked at $ 3.54 billion. Buyers with the highest transaction value came from five countries, namely China with a transaction value of US $ 1.68 billion (27.8%), Egypt with US $ 560.2 million (9.24%), Brazil with 285, US $ 8 million (4.71%), Japan with US $ 252.6 million (4.17%) and India with US $ 204.3 million (3.37%).

Products that were able to attract foreign buyers at TEI-DE 2021 are agricultural products worth US $ 792 million (13.06%), chemical products US $ 316.7 million (5.22%), palm oil 307, $ 8 million (5.08%), herbal products and dietary supplements were $ 300 million (4.95%), and processed paper and paper products were $ 298 million (4.92%).

By the last day of implementation, TEI-DE 2021 was also visited by 32,030 visitors with a total registration of 8,220 buyers from 136 countries, consisting of 3,721 foreign buyers and 4,499 local buyers.

The five countries with the greatest number of buyers at this year’s TEI-DE are India, China, Malaysia, Brazil and Egypt. This is inextricably linked to the role of the foreign trade agents actively promoting TEI-DE by helping buyers find Indonesian products, opening help desks and holding business meetings.

Meanwhile, 834 exhibitors took part in this year’s TEI-DE exhibition, divided into eight product categories, namely manufactured products; digital lifestyle and services; Medicine & Healthcare; renewable energy; Food and beverage products; Living comfort & equipment; Fashion and beauty products; and Halal products.

“The participants are expected to follow up on the trade contacts that arose during the TEI-DE. In addition, foreign trade representatives will continue to oversee the follow-up to the cooperation between exhibitors and buyers, ”said Lutfi.

During the implementation of TEI-DE 2021, several forum activities were also carried out, namely the Trade Tourism & Investment Forum (TTI), the Halal Trade Forum, the Economic Forum and Management Consulting. In addition, 107 Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) were signed, involving exporters and buyers from 17 countries.

An equally important activity is exploring a business capable of generating $ 2.521 billion in transactions with buyers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe that is focused on skilled workers.

Next, the Embracing Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week (JMFW) event took place at the Gelora Bung Karno Senayan Aquatic Stadium, Jakarta.

“The success of the TEI-DE implementation is of course the result of cooperation with various parties. We hope that the cooperation that has already been established can be further improved in the coming year, ”said Lutfi.

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