Ex-Liverpool: Mohamed Salah is easy to replace, does not increase his contract value!

David James believes no one at Anfield can criticize Salah & Sadio Mane if they decide to leave

According to David James, Liverpool should not bow to Mohamed Salah and increase their contract offer for the Egyptian striker. she feels The Reds will get a replacement for Salah and Sadio Mane if both decide to leave.

The two striker superstars are still part of Jürgen Klopp’s squad, especially before the Champions League final against Real Madrid on Sunday (May 29, WIB), but a big question mark is slowly appearing: How long will they stay at Anfield?

To date, his second contract expires in the summer of 2023 and has yet to be extended with the former goalkeeper The RedsJames, admits the two might need a new challenge after winning everything in England.

Will Mohamed Salah & Sadio Mane Leave Liverpool?

When James was asked if Salah and Mane should stay, the former Liverpool goalkeeper said GATES: “As a Liverpool fan, you want them to stay. You want your best players to stay and they have proven to be Liverpool’s top two players.”

“I think Liverpool’s recruitment model and strategy is that they assume the players will be there but at the same time assume they will not be there. In the second case, they will anticipate new acquisitions – how [Luis] Diaz, who was recruited in January last year. They are already planning a replacement, then you have to look at the individual ones.”

“The fact that Salah didn’t sign the contract that was offered I don’t think he should and would get a better offer because that’s part of the Liverpool model. Now it’s up to the player.”

“Of the two, I think Mane is better suited to go having won everything. He’s won all the national trophies with Liverpool, won the Africa Cup of Nations. His worth as an individual – and he can still do that champions win.” League this weekend – I don’t think its worth it. It could even be higher. You can’t hold grudges against a player who wants to take advantage of that.”

Is experience more important than trophies for Salah & Mane now?

After winning the Premier League and Champions League with Liverpool, as well as the League Cup, FA Cup and Golden Boot, it seems Salah and Mane are at a loss on red Merseyside.

With the pair still with a transfer opportunity at the age of 29 and 30 respectively, James can understand that experience is a more important factor than the trophy challenge for the superstar duo who are likely to be champions everywhere.

He added: “Liverpool fans are very kind and loyal and most of them want to [Salah dan Mane] last until retirement. But these players are from other clubs, aren’t they? self-madethey have the DNA for go on.”

“There was a point where they said, ‘I have a chance in my career, I don’t know how much time I have left to move on. [sekali lagi], either to Spain or Germany, and I want to experience it”. I went to Iceland at the end of my career but I did it because I had never played abroad before. It’s not about playing in the top league, I want to be a foreigner in the dressing room and experience what so many foreigners go through in England. My love for football grew as a result. I went to India and contributed to that growth.”

“You deserve this experience, so don’t criticize Mane, Salah or any other player who wants to play somewhere else. Football is a world game.”

Do Liverpool have plans to replace Salah & Mane?

Although Liverpool intend to keep Salah and Mane for as long as possible, there is a risk they might go on Sometime.

Real Madrid’s failure to sign Erling Haaland and/or Kylian Mbappe this season could force them to look to Anfield, while Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich are always on the hunt for the best talents are.

James believes there will be a plan from now on being drawn up by Klopp cs that will keep Liverpool competitive even if it means his talismanic duo being replaced.

James, who was at Anfield between 1992 and 1999, commented on their recruitment: “There would be an ideal for Liverpool and maybe that would be if Mane and Salah stayed. But what I like about Liverpool under new ownership is that that they know very well how to do it.” “The business works. You need owners to run football as a business, not just stupidity. Manchester City is like that, they know how to run the business. The business model says we want that, but if we don’t get it. ” , we’ll take this one.”

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“If Real Madrid had come and taken Salah or Mane – or Bayern Munich or whoever – Liverpool would have found someone to replace them.”

“What matters is that you lose Alisson, who I think is Liverpool’s best player this season. Who else can do what Alisson did?”

“There is one other position – Trent Alexander-Arnold, who do you want to replace? Scorers can be found, give them the ball to score and Liverpool have eight or nine players who can do that. Goalkeepers are a premium and you might tell [Virgil] Van Dijk is like that too – a central defender of this quality is very expensive. They signed and renewed these players because they knew they couldn’t go out and find a £50m replacement.

More money for Mo?

Should Liverpool increase their contract offer to ensure Salah stays?

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