Even critics who acknowledge the government’s handling of the economy: BJP | India News

NEW DELHI: The BJP said on Sunday that the decisions taken by the Narendra Modi government to manage the economy have proved correct, a fact acknowledged even by its critics.
BJP spokesman Syed Zafar Islam claimed that even critics of the government “acknowledge” their policies.
His comments came a day after the previous one RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said that India is not facing the kind of problems that have hit Sri Lanka and Pakistan. India has sufficient foreign exchange reserves and its external debt is also relatively low, he had said.
Islam said: “The world has recognized that the Indian economy is not only on the right track but is also moving at a fast pace. As the world battles inflation and other headwinds, the Indian economy is strong.”
“Those who used to criticize us turned that into appreciation,” he said.
Rajan has often raised concerns about the government’s economic and social policies in the past.
Aside from having decent foreign exchange trading, India is also performing well on various macroeconomic indicators including balance of payments and current account deficit, the BJP spokesman said, adding that the direction of inflation, including that of food, is now also downward .
Speaking at an event in Raipur on Saturday, Rajan said India’s future lies in strengthening liberal democracy and its institutions as essential to achieving economic growth.
He also warned against majoritarianism.

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