Esprit Beach Indian Ocean, it’s Cap Homard this weekend!

The Cap Homard site (between Boucan Canot and Grand Fond) will host the first edition of Esprit Beach Ocean India from this Friday, May 27th and throughout the weekend, organized by the 974 Action association in partnership with the TCO, of the City of St-Paul, the Regional Cooperation Fund, the department of La Réunion and the IRT.

Roxanne Pause-Damour, Vice President of the TCO, informs about the participation of the agglomeration community in this event.

“We are taking part in this event as part of our expertise in regional cooperation. More than 250 people (young people and adults) took part in the demonstration on the island of Sainte-Marie and more than 300 are expected during these 3 days. Through this event, it is worth highlighting the revitalization of the partnership between the TCO and the municipality of Sainte-Marie; the importance of action by municipalities, the state, associations and companies in the development of local cooperation. And sport is a fabulous way to bring our islands and people closer together.”

Spirit Beach, Kezako?

Through its Esprit Beach Ocean India event, the 974 Action association organizes sports and eco-civic events around rugby, with multiple objectives such as: B. the promotion of outdoor sports and leisure, eco-tourism activities; Raising public (particularly young people) awareness of environmental and health issues; sporting and cultural exchange between young people from the Indian Ocean…

This weekend’s event effectively concludes the 1st phase of the “Beach Spirit and Biodiversity” project developed on the island of Sainte-Marie in Madagascar as part of regional and international collaboration.

In particular, the youth teams of the TCO communities meet young Madagascans (from Île Ste-Marie and Tamatave) at a beach rugby tournament.

The selection of Madagascar (in front of the Mahamasina Stadium) © Action974

Trained at the beginning of the year in the “Beach Spirit and Biodiversity” activity, young Malagasy also have the task of taking a stand on environmental issues, in particular deforestation and alternatives or waste and its recycling, together with our mediators.

The beach rugby facilitators of the island of Sainte-Marie (Madagascar) © Action974

Beach rugby tournaments and events/awareness raising are on the program for these 3 “Beach Spirit” days.

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