Emirates News Agency – Masdar

ABU DHABI, December 5, 2021 (WAM) – Protecting the environment and limiting the effects of climate change are a priority for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its leadership.

Since the founding of the United Arab Emirates, they have endeavored to take on leading initiatives and projects that will benefit future generations and contribute to sustainable development.

The establishment of the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) in 2006 was the result of significant efforts by the country to protect natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

Masdar is an important supporter of the country’s work promoting clean energy solutions, strengthening sustainable development and combating climate change.

It is also a leading developer and investor in renewable energy, clean energy technologies, and sustainable urban development.

Mubadala Investment Company is currently active in nearly 40 countries, promoting innovation in clean energy technologies to reduce emissions and strengthening the leadership of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates in general in this area.

Since its inception, Masdar has helped fight climate change and global warming. The company is currently investing in sustainable projects valued at over US $ 20 billion with a generation capacity of over 13 gigawatts. It has also helped offset more than 16 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Masdar CEO Mohamed Jamil Al Ramahy took pride in the UAE’s overall performance, particularly in the renewable energy sector, which has recently made progress and strengthened the country’s leadership in this area.

“Masdar has strengthened its position as a leading international company in promoting clean energy solutions around the world, promoting the diversification of the economy and energy sources,” he said.

Masdar’s clean energy sector and sustainable urban development path are full of important local and international achievements and projects. In 2013 the company founded the Shams Solar Power Plant, one of the largest renewable energy projects in the Middle East.

The company has completed Phase III of the 800 megawatt Mohamed bin Rached Al Maktoum (MBR) solar park in Dubai, which was developed by a Masdar-led alliance in collaboration with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and ADF Renoplus.

Masdar developed the first commercial wind project in the Middle East with the Al Tufaila wind power plant in Jordan.

In Oman, Masdar built the Dhaffar Wind Power Plant, the first large wind project in the Persian Gulf, which produces 50 megawatts of clean electricity for almost 16,000 households and helps to avoid around 110,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Internationally, the world’s first solar energy project was inaugurated in 2011 with the Gemasolar CSP system in Spain.

The company has also launched three projects in the UK including the London Array, one of the largest offshore wind turbines in the world, which prevents the emission of 925,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, and Hywind Scotland’s first power plant.

Masdar has made several key international investments including Future Hero Energies, India’s leading clean energy company.

Masdar also leads green hydrogen development initiatives and sustainable fuel programs for transportation, navigation and aviation. The company has launched initiatives to help develop a green hydrogen economy in Abu Dhabi, including a pilot plant project in Masdar City that will explore opportunities for the development of green hydrogen, sustainable fuels and the production of kerosene from electricity for transportation and aviation purposes , in cooperation with local and international partners.

Masdar City is the only specialized and accredited research and development complex in Abu Dhabi. Today more than 1,000 companies are based here, from international companies and institutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to local start-ups.

The city is also home to the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the leading intergovernmental organization based in the Middle East, and the United Arab Emirates’ space agency, Siemens and Honeywell.

The city is also home to the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, the first graduate university to specialize in artificial intelligence research worldwide. It offers specialized postgraduate programs for students from the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world. G42 Healthcare has one of the largest laboratories performing tests to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to promote awareness and the exchange of knowledge about the important challenges of sustainability and clean energy, Masdar has been organizing knowledge platforms, events and strategic initiatives to raise awareness of sustainability issues since its inception. It also hosts Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week every year.

Translated by: Mervat Mahmoud.