Drought: India suffers from water shortages


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On Thursday, June 23, India suffered from a heat of 43°C. It is a heat wave that arrives very early for residents who are very dependent on the arrival of water in their village.

It’s an unusual move that’s nonetheless essential to the survival of the Indians. Thousands of residents depend on the transport of the two million liters transported by these 40 wagons. “This train goes to the city of Pali, everyone there lacks water, people don’t have to drink or wash dishes”explains a Indian. This region of India has been drought for three months.

Almost half of the county’s two million residents pali have not more running water. “Look, I turn on the faucet and no water comes out. At the moment we only get one every ten days. Without water we can do nothing, I only ask for water drink”, complains a worker. The water brought in comes from a lake. It is stored before being treated potable. “This water is not filtered (…) the plastic bottles are too expensive, we can’t afford them, the problem has never been so serious”makes an Indian teacher sad.

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