Dispute over script for “Malayalee from India” intensifies: Nishad Koya claims filmmakers were aware of the similarities in the story

The controversy surrounding the screenplay of 'Malayalee from India' has intensified after 'Haal' screenwriter Nishad Koya claimed that he had alerted the filmmakers about the similarities in his script much before the film's release. Recently, film director Dijo Jose Antony and producer Listin Stephen had claimed that Nishad had raised the allegations against the film only a day before the release. They also called his action unprofessional.
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However, in an interview with The Cue Studio, Nishad said that he had brought the similarities in the script to Dijo's attention over a year ago. “I have the Whatsapp chat with me. In 2021, we had announced a project with this script, with Jayasurya playing the lead role and Joshiy directing. However, due to certain issues, it did not materialise. Jayasurya then narrated the story to Dijo, who seemed interested in the project. On Jayasurya's insistence, I read the script to Dijo, who narrowly declined the offer,” he said.

He added, “Later, I approached Prithviraj with the same script when he was doing his film 'Salaar'. That's when Prithviraj informed me that Dijo was doing a similar story with Nivin Pauly. I was shocked,” he said. “I sent Dijo a voice message on WhatsApp expressing my concerns. Dijo promised me that the film would be completely different except for the India-Pakistan aspect. When I saw the teaser of the film, I realised that the story was almost the same, so I decided to share the post with the plot on Facebook,” he said.
Opening last week to mixed reviews, “Malayalee from India” revolves around a Malayali who is forced to flee his country due to an unprecedented turn of events.