discover the wonderful Loktak lake and its vegetation rings


Video length: 3 minutes.

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A. Forgetting, B. Gosswami, U. Cailloux, A. Panday – France 2

France television

France 2 will take you to northeast India on Thursday 23 September to discover Lake Loktak.

It is a lake that is populated with hundreds of rings of vegetation. Lake Loktak is located in northeast India. When you fly over it, you almost think you are on another planet. Curious, circular islets swim on this 250 km² lake. A man-made landscape that is unique in the world.

These rings of vegetation are a natural collection of plants, barely a meter thick, that float and act as a fish trap. “These phumdis are natural, but we are the ones who give them that round shape“Tell Subash Singh, fisherman. The technology is ancient. Loktak Lake is a hidden treasure that few tourists visit.


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