discover the last lions of Asia



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A. Forget, U. Cailloux, A. Pandey, A. Védeilhé – France 2

France TV

It is an endangered species: the Asiatic lion. Once widespread, they are now only found in a single national park in north-western India.

They are the last representatives of an endangered species: Asiatic lions. They are now only 600 in the wild. They live in a forest in western India, that of Gir. A passionate family went on a safari hoping to spot them. “I am so proud of the Asiatic lion. This animal is the pride of India.”, says the woman. After a few minutes, a first lion will appear and then move away.

To see them closer, you must follow nature photographer Yogendra Shah. He studies them behind his lens. If lions are also present in the Tir forest, it is thanks to the conservation work of the Indian authorities. A hundred forest guards are tasked with guarding them. “I am happy to ensure their safety. (…) These animals, we love them very much”‘ said one of them.

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