Deutschland Nachrichten: Germany in talks with India for broader green and sustainable development cooperation: Official

Germany is in talks with India on a broader green and sustainable development partnership, a senior official at the German ministry said, stressing that such an agreement is in the final stages. State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth, who is in India on a two-day visit, met with numerous representatives from the environment, coal and foreign ministries.

At a media briefing, Flasbarth said Germany is aiming for a broader green and sustainable development partnership with India.

The agreement covers a broader range of issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals, he added.

“Mobility is an area that is very closely linked to the issue of energy. Urban development has many facets of how to organize sustainable cities in terms of energy, mobility and also in terms of social security and all of that is covered with such a partnership. We are open with our Indian colleagues to identify the most pressing areas under the umbrella of the SDGs where we want to work together over the next 10 years,” he said.

He said the deal could be finalized in the coming days after meetings between the cabinets, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chancellor Olaf Scholz next month.

Flasbarth said renewable energy cooperation is another area where Germany is looking to expand its partnership with India.

“We have a very broad scope of cooperation with India on mitigation and adaptation, and the focus is on expanding renewable electricity and energy,” he said.

Solar partnership was another topic on Flasbarth’s agenda.

“Over the next few days we have meetings where we will finalize it,” he added.

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