Demonstration in front of Indian Embassy, ​​FPI and PA 212 crowds hold Asr prayer together

JAKARTA, – Crowds of Islamic Brotherhood Front (FPI) and Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212 held a demonstration in front of the Indian Embassy (Embassy) building in Setiabudi area, South Jakarta on Friday afternoon (6/17/2022).

The demonstration was a form of protest against alleged insults to the Prophet Mohammed in India.

This demonstration started with one of the participants singing a verse from the Koran and singing the hymn Indonesia Raya.

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Not long after, the demands were presented by a speaker from the top of the command car. In his speech, the speaker explained that Muslims do not accept the alleged insult to the Prophet Mohammed in India.

The speech was then interrupted and continued by giving the congregation Asr prayer and praying together.

As of 3:50 p.m. WIB, the protest action was still ongoing. The crowd was still unfurling banners reading “Stop Islamophobia”.

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The demonstration, titled Action 1706, took place around 1pm WIB and began with Friday prayers in the congregation around the building Indian Embassy.

DPP Legal Aid Secretary for the Islamic Brotherhood Front Aziz Yanuar said the demonstration was carried out by a range of Muslim and Islamophobic communities.

“All Muslims and people from all walks of life who are anti-Islamophobic and anti-fascist and racist like India come,” Aziz said.

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At least 10 demands were made during the demonstration. One of them is the boycott of Indian products.

In addition, the demonstrators wanted to meet with the Indian embassy because of the alleged insult to the Prophet Mohammed.

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