Creative! Indian farmers find a way to combat drones and use kites

JAKARTA – When it comes to creativity, India is actually one of the experts. As Western countries struggle to develop sophisticated weapons to counter drones, they have found an easy way to defeat these unmanned vehicles. Namely with kites and tennis balls.

This method has proven effective during farmers' protests demanding higher prices for agricultural commodities from the government in northern India, Punjab and Haryana. The demonstrators managed to knock down police drones with tear gas and other equipment. In addition to kites and tennis balls, farmers also use triggers and flare guns to fire projectiles at drones.

“Many former Indian Army personnel turned to agriculture after retirement and also joined this movement and developed tactics using agricultural implements to build defenses against paramilitary forces,” said a senior Indian journalist who covered the movement , as EurAsian Times on Saturday (February 17, 2024).

Police clashed with thousands of farmers on Tuesday in Shambhu, 230 km north of New Delhi in Haryana, as they tried to stop them from entering the capital. The protesters were said to be carrying kites fitted with spools of very strong Chinese string coated with glass powder.

In flight, the cord became entangled around the drones' rotors, causing many of them to fall to the ground, prompting local authorities to take precautions against kite makers. Farmers also target drones with slingshots and flare guns.

Local officials said farmers also built walls of heavy, water-soaked fiber bags on tractors and carts to neutralize the effect of tear gas, while large fans mounted on farm vehicles dispersed the acrid smoke.

“Many of our protesters are ex-military personnel and trained to deal with such hurdles,” said Sarvan Singh Pandher, who leads one of the 200 farmer unions taking part in the protest.

“We demand recognition of our demands or permission to proceed to Delhi, both of which are our democratic rights,” he added.

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