Covid-19 terrorizes, wealthy Indians rent private jets for overseas flights, JAKARTA – residents like the motorway India willing to pay thousands of dollars to save himself from his country which has record falls daily Covid-19 globally on four consecutive days.

Over the past week, India has emerged as the new epicenter of Covid-19. The entire health system and crematorium were full, coupled with the limited supply of oxygen for patient care.

As of Sunday April 25, 2021, India recorded an additional 349,691 new cases of Covid-19 and 2,767 deaths, which was another record.

This situation has resulted in a number of countries starting to introduce restrictions and bans on visits from India.

As the daily number of additional cases continues to rise, India’s rich are willing to pay thousands of dollars or charter private jets to leave India before travel is banned.

One of the most visited destinations is the United Arab Emirates, which is not far from India and from which many flights depart.

However, the UAE itself has started restricting visitors from India for 10 days starting April 25, 2021.

A spokesman for charter company Air Charter Service India said the demand for private jets was “insane”.

“Tomorrow we have 12 flights to Dubai, and every flight is fully booked,” said the spokesman, citing on Monday (April 26th, 2021).

Another private jet operator, Entral Aviation, said hundreds have ordered it in the past few days.

“We even asked for more overseas planes to meet that demand. It costs around $ 38,000 to charter a 13-seater jet from Mumbai to Dubai and $ 31,000 for a six-seater, ”said a spokesman for Enthrall Aviation.

Some people also use a private jet together to get a seat. Entral Aviation also received a request to fly to Thailand.

Fly to India

It is also based on the report Sunday times, at least eight private jets were flown from the UK to India in the 24 hours before the UK banned travel from India.

Private jets from the UK are said to cost more than $ 138,000 for 9 hours of flight.

India was hit by an unexpected second wave of Covid-19 last week. A video from the BBC shows how many people in India had to die because they couldn’t be treated in hospitals because they were full.

To make matters worse, it is said in New Delhi that every four minutes someone dies of Covid-19.

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