Covid-19: End of free check-ups, when and for whom?

The financial contribution is due to the cancellation of PCR and antigen tests for part of the population from October 15th is a strategy to get the stubborn to vaccinate. Prime Minister Jean Castex declared the conditions Echoes Sunday night.

Who will be affected by the deletion of tests?

Unvaccinated people who want to do a PCR or antigen test to get the health passport will have to pay for it from October 15th. “It is no longer legitimate to pay excessive comfort tests at the taxpayer’s expense,” explains the Prime Minister.

Only people who wish to be tested for medical reasons are still eligible for reimbursement. “The tests will continue to be reimbursed for medical reasons, either without a prescription for those who have already been vaccinated or on prescription for others (people with contact and / or symptoms, editor’s note),” explains Jean Castex.

Reimbursement of examinations is also always possible for minors. In his opinion On September 13, the Science Council recommended free tests for all minors – in schools and out-of-school facilities. This decision is part of the desire to screen this population – mostly unvaccinated – as well as possible in order to keep the epidemic under control, especially in schools.

How much do these tests cost?

So far, all types of tests – PCR, antigenic, serological – have been reimbursed 100% by health insurance.

From mid-October, people who have been tested and are not entitled to a reimbursement will have to pay roughly 43 euros for a PCR test and 25 euros for an antigen test. In the case of serological examinations, the costs are always 100% reimbursed according to a doctor’s prescription.

Since July, tourists have had to pay 29 euros for an antigen test and 49 euros for a PCR test, unless they have contact or symptoms.

In 2020, the free screening cost more than 2.2 billion euros. For 2021, the note is expected to rise to 4.9 billion.