Coperni: From hemp to high-tech with Eve Jobs

Translated by

Marguerite Capelle

Published on

September 30, 2021

“We are obsessed with technology and everything that it brings us,” says Sébastien Meyer, one of the duo behind the sensational “indie” label Coperni. So much so that the designer and his partner Arnaud Vaillant even cast Steve Jobs’ daughter Eve for their show.

Coperni – Spring / Summer 2022 – Paris – Photo courtesy of Coperni

The beautiful blonde heiress to Apple appeared in a green top made of stretch and technical material, a mini skirt embroidered with crystals, and wore the brand’s new signature wedge sandals with scalloped straps. Her face was adorned with retro-futuristic white sunglasses.

Young Eve was one of about thirty Tops that marched on a pedestal made of sand that was spread over a field of giant hemp plants in a huge showroom on the outskirts of Paris that Tuesday morning. This decor transported the audience to the beach and gave off the sweet smell of hemp.

The first idea for the Coperni spring-summer collection 2022 this season came from Arnaud Vaillant, who “dreamed of girls on the beach in 2033”.

Coperni – Spring / Summer 2022 – Paris – Photo courtesy of Coperni

Both are therefore presenting jackets and tuxedos with cut-outs that expose kilometers of shoulders and collarbones, as well as trousers full of volume, especially with multi-pocket mesh. Half of the models only wore a bra on top: lace, crochet, sporty or psychedelic paisley patterns in dark tones.

For cocktails, tops and dresses in patchwork prints that are decorated with images of emojis, childish robots and cartoon characters. The girls walked the sand in cashmere tights with psychedelic patterns on a row of Art Deco hippie wedges.

Coperni – Spring / Summer 2022 – Paris – Photo courtesy of Coperni

The brand also skilfully stages the duo, has Coperni entered on many sporty looks and uses his curved “C” logo here and there, for example on the top of Miss Jobs.

“A techno-chic woman on the way to the beach. She loves fashion. She surfs. She is a mermaid, ”adds Sébastien Meyer. “We’re fascinated by technology and Apple. It’s great to be scrolling Eve Jobs for the first time,” concludes the creator.

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