Conquest of Space: Much-anticipated victory for South Korea

A first for the country: the missile Korea Satellite Launch Vehicle II, developed entirely in South Korea, was successfully launched from Goheung this morning. A first test was carried out last October and ended in bitter failure. Nicknames “nuri“(“World‘ in Korean), the 200-ton rocket successfully launched its 162-kilogram satellite into orbit. The satellite built by South Korean universities will be used for the next national space. During the first test, the satellite weighed more than one and a half tons and the third engine of the rocket had not ignited once at an altitude of 700 kilometers. Two details have now been clarified. Almost two billion dollars have been invested in the project, which started in 2010 and involves about 300 South Korean companies.

During his first rocket launch projects appeared only in the 90sThis makes South Korea the seventh country after Russia, Japan, France, the United States, China and India to successfully build and put a launch vehicle into orbit using its own technologies. South Korea could therefore do without foreign technology and knowledge in its conquest of space. Building on this success, the country is planning four more Nuri launches by 2027. and the deployment of a landing module on the moon for 2031. By then, the government wants to invest more than 800 billion won (around 600 million euros) in national space projects.

Maud Baheng Daizey

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