“Conflict of interest clause should be thrown in the bin”

“This conflict of interest is exaggerated. I really wasn’t ready for it. Because you don’t give your own cricketers a chance. Now with the Indian team, I have my support staff who cannot work in the IPL. A masseur with the Indian team cannot work with an IPL team. So what’s this conflict of interest like? ”He said at The Indian Express eAdda.

Shastri questioned the logic of the conflict of interest clause, which does not apply to foreigners working in Indian cricket.

“Another country’s coach can come and train on an IPL team, but you don’t allow your own players to do so. Conflicts of interest are nonsense. What is this conflict of interest like for someone like me who is not allowed to comment (IPL) when I am the coach of India? I am not a selector of a team. How can I stop someone from being selected for India? However, if there is a Ricky Ponting to coach Delhi Capitals he can watch TV and comment on players who are with him for Delhi Capitals in his own country. That conflict of interest when it comes to cricket in India should be thrown in the bin. We need our cricketers to get the exposure and get back into the system. How are you going to get the Sachin Tendulkars or the Dravids to come back and contribute to the game when you can go anywhere and have a conflict of interest clause? “

When asked what he thinks of players having a business interest in player management firms, Shastri said it shouldn’t. “Yes, it is different. You need someone of stature to come in and say this is not right, there is a conflict here and it could affect in the future if we take this path, ”Shastri said.