Conflict. India ‘accidentally’ fires a missile at Pakistan

It’s an incident that could have had far more serious ramifications between two nations with perpetually strained relations: India admitted on Friday it accidentally sent a missile to Pakistan, This is according to a statement from the Indian Ministry of Defencewho described the act as “deeply regrettable”.

“As part of routine maintenance, a technical malfunction on Wednesday resulted in the accidental launch of a missile” that landed in “an area of ​​Pakistan,” the statement said, adding that a high-level investigation had been launched.

The rocket fell to the ground near the town of Mian Chunnu in Pakistan’s Punjab province, damaging civilian property. He had previously covered 124 kilometers on Pakistani territory in three minutes and 44 seconds.

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Corresponding Indian timesPakistan on Thursday summoned India’s chargé d’affaires and told him of its strong protest at what it described as an “unprovoked violation of its airspace by a supersonic aircraft ‘of Indian origin'”.

“The Indian diplomat was informed that the reckless launch of the aircraft not only damaged civilian property but also endangered lives on the ground,” the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said.