CCIR elections: Myriam Boullay wants to “wake up” the Chamber of Commerce

As the first woman to top a candidate list for the CCIR, Myriam Boullay asserts her independence from the trade unions and the political world. She wants to search the nationals of the room to find out what to expect.

Myriam Boullay, 57 years old, managing director (in the IT sector) for 30 years, is the only outgoing elected official on the list of the Bâtissons La Réunion de Demain.

Member of the majority of Ibrahim Patel, but in a different opinion she chose “To end his mandate, without loud voices. I didn’t stop because I never lost sight of the idea of ​​doing something good.. In this case, an agreement was recently signed with The Wonders, a network of business leaders.

“Need a woman”

As the first woman to top a list in the CCIR elections, Myriam Boullay chose to run the following questions from the leaders: “What is the CCIR for?” “ For her, “The CCIR is like Sleeping Beauty. She sleeps a little and we want to wake her up. We want to put it back at the heart of the Reunion Island economy and for all ”.

Around Myriam Boullay, executives from a wide variety of backgrounds and often very young. We can thank the owner of the bar La Bodega and the vice-president of Umih Ludovic Gachet (on his personal name), the director of Frozen Yogurts Oguava Marianne Junot (for the “Reunion Island needs a woman to move forward”), but also elders like the transporter and food entrepreneur Michel Allamèle (the “The desire to put companies back at the center of the economy because they are the ones who hire them”) or the head of Zinfos 974 Pierrot Dupuy. “We go with our courage”, summarizes Myriam Boullay.

“Save Air Austral”

The latter claims: their list is supported by “zero” unions. “We are not Panurge sheep. It is not because we join a union that we will do what it tells us ”. The list is also apolitical (Myriam Boullay yesterday denied the rumor that Didier Robert promoted this candidacy). “If one of our elected officials takes on a political mandate, he will leave the CCIR immediately,” indicates the leader.

On the program side, Myriam Boullay, who was the confidante of the credit broker, wants to bring banks and companies in difficulty together at regular intervals. “Finding solutions together”.

The head of Bâtissons La Réunion de Demain believes that “it is not up to companies to turn to the CCIR, but to the CCIR to go to the companies”. And not in any way: “The region-funded Proxi-Bus is great. But he has to move and fill in the gaps every week. It also needs to include accountants, lawyers, and notaries to meet the needs of business leaders.

In terms of transport, the list leader wants to “save Air Austral, which is a Réunion company”. She advocates the establishment of a regional shipping company, however “Private public” Developing trade in the Indian Ocean.

Unlike the outgoing president, Myriam Boullay is not in favor of setting up a slaughterhouse on another island. “He must be in Reunion”. She also calls for the creation of new activity zones and states that “the CCIR still has land”.

“We are at a social and economic turning point”, concludes Myriam Boullay, who dreams of one “United Meetings to Move the Lines”. A future commission consisting of ” Point “ is as much a part of the program as promoting female entrepreneurship. Apparently.

According to the more detailed article by Cédric Boulland in the September 30, 2021 issue.