Causes of WhatsApp Errors and How They Affect Users Around the World Everyone – WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook errors on Monday night (October 4th, 2021) around 10:45 p.m. WIB.

As a result, users from all over the world have difficulty accessing these applications.

Access to the applications on Facebook was finally restored on Tuesday morning (May 10th, 2021).

“To all of the communities and businesses around the world that depend on us, we’re sorry. We have worked hard to get access to our apps and services back and are happy to announce that they are now back online Thank you for staying with us, “said Facebook on Tuesday morning (October 5th, 2021) via the official Twitter account.

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begin CNN, Monday (April 10th, 2021), the cause of the disturbance on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook is not entirely clear.

However, some digital security experts suggest that the bug was caused by an issue with the Domain name system (DNS).

Cisco’s internet analytics division ThousandEyes said on their Twitter account that the bug that a number of applications ran on Facebook was due to a persistent DNS bug.

Note that DNS translates website names into IP addresses that computers can read.

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Server configuration error

begin New York Times, Monday (April 10, 2021), two members of the Facebook security team who did not want to be named said it was unlikely that this bug was caused by a cyber attack.

According to them, hacks usually don’t affect that many apps at the same time and at the same time.

Meanwhile, John Graham-Cumming, chief technology officer of Cloudflare, a web infrastructure company, said the error was most likely caused by a misconfigured Facebook server.

He explained that computers convert websites like into Internet protocol numeric addresses through a system similar to a telephone address book.

The problem with Facebook is the same as having someone delete their phone number from the phone book so that no one can call them.

“It’s like Facebook just said, ‘Goodbye, we’re going now,'” said Graham-Cumming.

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Lots of people hurt

Many people around the world rely on Facebook applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram in their daily life.

“We lost thousands of sales to the Facebook crash,” said Mark Donnelly, founder of an Irish start-up that runs HUH Clothing, a mental health-focused fashion brand.

HUH Clothing uses Facebook and Instagram to reach customers.

“It might not sound like much to others, but losing four or five hours of sales could mean the difference between paying your electricity bill or paying your monthly rent,” says Donnelly.

Business interrupted

Samir Munir, owner of a grocery delivery company in Delhi, India, said he couldn’t reach customers or fulfill orders because he ran a store on his Facebook page and took orders on WhatsApp.

“Everything went down, my whole business went down,” he said.

Douglas Veney, a Cleveland player nicknamed GoodGameBro who streams gaming on Facebook, said his income was cut due to the bug.

“It’s hard when your primary revenue-generating platform that a lot of people use crashes,” said Veney.

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