Cake. A kitten helping his guinea pigs

In October 2019, Marine Sagnes founded the Les Foli’chons association at her home in Tart. Its purpose is to protect guinea pigs through rescue, foster care, and adoption.

“We’re running out of places right now. We have 42 residents, 6 of them in care, for 35 places available. Since the beginning of the year, feed and vet bills have been piling up and we have been forced to temporarily stop providing care,” explains Marine Sagnes. She continues: “We want to give our shelter more visibility to make the public aware of the financial resources it takes to support a club like ours. A wave of solidarity would allow us not to close our doors. To help us meet the needs of the association we created a kitty on the Foli’chons website. »

On the other hand, Les Foli’chons offer Easter chocolate for sale. The catalog can be sent throughout France on request (organic chocolate, eggs, delicacies for young and old). “Orders will be taken until March 15,” says Marine Sagnes.

Contact Such. 06 60 94 61 87 or;

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