Buwas predicts that 10,000 tons of frozen buffalo meat will land in Indonesia every month after Eid


Bulog President Director Budi Waseso or known as Buwas predicts there will be 10,000 after Eid buffalo meat imported frozen from India every month.

This is a phase to fulfill a mandate from the government which has asked Bulog to help meet domestic needs.

“On average I’m forecasting 10,000 tons (frozen buffalo meat) every month we come after Eid every month. And even then we see the development of problems in domestic production,” Buwas said at Mustika Alam Lestari Terminal – Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Thursday (April 14) yesterday.

While the total order to Bulog to store frozen buffalo meat in 2022 is 100,000 tons. Currently, the arrival of the meat takes place in two stages.

Only last March, up to 20,000 tons of frozen buffalo meat. The second phase, which started yesterday, arrived with only 6 containers containing 28 tons of buffalo meat. That means there is around 168 tons of buffalo meat.

“Today arrived imported buffalo meat from India which we have selected and quarantined. Today there are 6 containers with 28 tons of buffalo meat. This will be phased in for personal use, especially during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. The day after tomorrow will come again,” he said.

In order to speed up the fulfillment of meat stocks during Ramadan and Eid, Buwas ensures that 36,000 tons will come in April 2022.

“We received an order of 100,000 tons (2022). For speeding up this Ramadan, 36,000 tons are dedicated for Ramadan needs. This is only (imports) from India, which we have selected, we have contracts in place,” he explained.

He also ensured that this meat was distributed directly to modern retailers like Indomaret, Alfamart and retail partners with Bulog from the moment it arrived and had completed the quarantine process.

“From this port it will be checked by quarantine. So we don’t have to wait long for dismantling and distribution,” he concluded.


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