Bulog realized 95.5 percent of Indian buffalo meat imports

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – Perum Bulog realized 95.5 percent of Indian buffalo meat imports from the allocated 80,000 tons. The company intends to bring the entire order volume into the country by the end of this year.

“The import of buffalo meat for the order of 80,000 tons is almost complete, around 95.5 percent have been realized,” said Bulog company secretary Awaluddin Iqbal on Monday (November 22nd, 2021).

The realization corresponds to 76,400 tons. Meanwhile, data from the General Directorate for Internal Trade of the Ministry of Commerce on the availability of basic foodstuffs shows that the realization of buffalo meat imports by Perum Bulog as of November 11, 2021 is 73,780 tons. Meanwhile, the import plan for November is 3,192 tons.

“We aim to have 100 percent realized by the end of the year to ensure that stocks are available,” he said.

He also ensured that imported buffalo meat that had entered the country was distributed directly through distribution channels in Bulog’s areas of operation. The company also works with third-party dealers in the sales process.

However, Awaluddin was unable to comment on the additional import quota for consumption of buffalo meat that Perum Bulog had received.

Based on the results of the October 26th limited coordination meeting recorded in the routine report on food supplies and prices at the Ministry of Commerce, it was found that an additional 20,000 tonnes of meat / buffalo imports were agreed for Peru to meet consumption needs. In addition, PT Berdikari was allocated an additional quota with a volume of 10,000 tons.

“I have To update more about that, “said Awaluddin.

Separately, the Department of Agriculture’s Public Veterinary Health Director Syamsul Ma’arif said he was unaware of the additional allocation.

“Sorry, I have not received any information about this,” he said in an instant message.

By November 11, 2021, the national beef stock reached 45,540 tons. With an average consumption of 40,620 tons per month, the stock can cover the demand for 1.1 months.

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